How To Tour A College Online

The Internet has officially made everything more convenient. That “everything” now includes selecting your college.

Campus Tours has just launched a new website that features online, virtual campus tours of select colleges.

This new site is adding to a multimedia explosion of disseminating college videos, photos and information. Most colleges have some form of a virtual tour either on their website, Facebook page or Youtube channel. Some are videos, and others are just photo collages of campus.

And the best part is that most of these videos were done by students, giving them a more student-friendly feel.

Campus Tours is simply trying to consolidate all this content into one site. It claims to have thousands of virtual college tours and interactive maps. Students can search by school name, state or alphabetically.

Campus Tours also gives enrollment information, tuition figures, degrees offered (associate’s bachelor’s master’s etc) calendar system (quarters or semesters), admission requirements and sports/athletics information.

This information can make students’ college decisions much easier; however, a virtual tour simply cannot compare to an actual campus tour.

Students need to be wary of this information. Some colleges have great multimedia schools, giving them the resources to produce high-quality virtual tours. Other schools don’t have those resources and probably filmed their tour with a flip video recorder.

So, don’t be fooled. Just because a college has a better-quality virtual tour does not mean it has a better campus.

These virtual tours can help students narrow down their list to a handful of schools. But, it’s always wise to take a live tour before committing to a college, before committing close to $100,000.

Campus Tours currently features complete, interactive virtual tours from The University of Miami, Albion College, The University of Denver, Nova Southeastern University, Austin College, Suffolk University and the College of Saint Benedict at Saint Johns.

The site also publishes interviews from students for these select colleges. Campus Tours created these videos in-house, rather than relying on schools to produce them, giving an unbiased approach. Also, the tours for these schools are much more interactive and comprehensive than other schools’.