How To Save On College Supplies

            $20,000, $30,000 and sometimes up to $50,000 for college tuition, it’s not exactly the most ideal time for students to splurge on dorm room supplies.  Department stores and furniture stores are pounding students and their parents, claiming they have the best prices. An article in The Washington Post highlights an online company that helps students find the best prices.

            The company, Cheapism – its name says it all – allows users to quickly find the best, cheapest products, and it provides relevant information on products.

            This could be a great place for college students to find all their college necessities. Cheapism offers a quick, easy and cheap college shopping experience to combat skyrocketing tuition and the dearth of leisure time for college students.

            Cheapism has it all from flat screen TVs, iPod gear, clothes, furniture, bed sheets, mini fridges and even text books.

            But what exactly do college students need? Well, contact your roommates to divide and conquer all the necessities. A sample check list: sheets, pillows, towels, shower caddy/tote, shoe rack, clothes organizers, extra shelving, laundry basket, and larger items like a mini-fridge, microwave, toaster (if it's allowed), area rug or carpet, television and iPod speakers.

            Try to individualize this list. Bring your hobbies up to college – everyone in your dorm room will have a unique hobby. This could be a great way to meet and greet your fellow students.

            The Washington Post also cited and Amazon Student as’s competitors. All students with an active college email address will get free access to Amazon Prime for one year. Amazon Prime ships orders in two days rather than the usual three to nine at no extra cost for students.

            There are also many physical store alternatives. Wal Mart always boasts lower prices than its competitors. Dillards will offer students all their quality bedding needs, but at slightly higher prices than Wal Mart.

            These resources can significantly help students and their parents – probably over-eager mom – find all the college necessities.

            Many of these resources could save students some extra cash when getting all their simple necessities.