How to Prepare for Business School Final Exams

Whether your business school runs on semesters, trimesters, quarters, or terms, you will likely face a final exam at the end of each of your classes. Each MBA course covers a great deal of information during each session, and you are often expected to do additional reading on your own. It can be hard to keep track of everything you need to know for each subject, considering the many demands outside of the classroom—including networking functions, class mixers, and recruiting events.

So how can you get ready for your tests with so much going on? Ways to prepare for b-school final exams include visiting your professor’s office hours, forming a study group, and looking into tutoring. Keep reading to learn four tips to help you prepare for business school final exams:

1. Visit your professor’s office hours prior to your business school final exams

Like your undergraduate instructors, your business school professors should have office hours. Attend them with specific areas of the curriculum to discuss—for instance, particular case studies that you have found difficult to understand despite multiple readings. Note that the week before your final exam should not be the first time your professor has seen you during his or her office hours. This should be a continuation of your relationship with your professor, not the beginning of it, and it should help you feel more comfortable with the material that you will likely see on the exam.

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2. Visit your teaching assistant’s office hours prior to your business school final exams

If your course has a teaching assistant (or TA), then that TA often has his or her own office hours, as well. The TA is typically a second-year student who has taken the course in the previous year, so he or she knows what to expect. Over the span of the course, the TA may hold one-on-one consultations with students, or conduct sessions in a short lecture style for small groups. Again, you should develop a relationship with him or her over the entire semester, not directly before exam week. Determine the areas you would like to improve upon for the test, and talk with your TA about how he or she can help you.

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3. Form a study group when preparing for your business school final exams

You are likely not the only person in your MBA program who needs help. So, speak with your fellow classmates to see who would like to study together as a team. Ideally, your study group will have members who each have different strengths and can provide new perspectives on the material. Instead of a group comprised of five former chemical engineers, your group could include:

  • An accountant

  • An artist

  • A chemical engineer

  • A lawyer

  • A teacher

Dividing the work among multiple people with various backgrounds and then coming together to share what you have learned will help all of you take in the material in a different and perhaps more efficient way than you would from simply studying on your own. 

4. Consider hiring a tutor when preparing for your business school final exams

To make the best use of your time, working with a personal tutor may be the ideal course of action. By creating a strategic plan with your tutor, you can focus on the areas where you need the most help and concentrate on improving them. The individualized attention you receive from a tutor can help you understand concepts that may be too difficult to grasp during class. Furthermore, your tutor can assist you not only with knowledge of the material in your MBA courses, but also with test-taking skills to help you navigate the different formats of your exams. In many instances, both in-person and online tutoring is available.

Overall, reaching out to other people for help is one of the most effective ways to prepare for your business school final exams. Whether you attend office hours or join a study group, you will likely find it easier to get ready for your test by connecting with the people in your MBA environment. Plus, working with a tutor can boost your understanding of your courses before you have to prove your knowledge on exam day. By using these four tips, you will be well prepared for your b-school final exams.


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