How to Make Your Student's Summer Reading Come to Life

The summer months provide the perfect opportunity to engage your student in reading. Fostering positive reading habits can benefit children in a multitude of ways. You may, however, be asking yourself how to make summer reading a fun activity. Ways to make your student’s summer reading come to life may include book-themed road trips, acting out the stories they read, and joining community book clubs.

1. Make summer reading come to life with book-themed road trips

Traveling to the real-life location where a book takes place can be a great way to bring your child’s summer reading to life. For instance, if your student enjoys the book James and the Giant Peach, you could explore the Empire State Building—which impales the peach—during a trip to New York City. Near Independence, Kansas sits the Little House on the Prairie Museum, which you and your family can visit to explore the Little House on the Prairie books.

If your child has read books that center around a specific location, visiting that location may spark his or her excitement for reading. It’s wonderful for students to use their imagination when reading a book, but book-themed road trips can unlock a new understanding of and connection to literature.

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2. Make summer reading come to life by acting it out

Acting is a great way to engage students in reading from a very early age. You can encourage your child to act out books that he or she finds interesting, and to explain why he or she feels this way. This can help start a conversation about the importance of literature in your student’s life. It can also demonstrate how bringing stories to life can make reading more entertaining.

This can be beneficial for older students, as well. Encourage open discussion about what that book or part of the story means to them, or use acting as a way to address confusion about a character or the plot.

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3. Make summer reading come to life by joining a children’s book club

Making reading a social experience for your student can greatly impact the joy he or she receives from reading. For instance, others may interpret a book differently from your child, providing the opportunity for expanded knowledge. 

Great places to look for children’s book clubs include:

  • local libraries

  • bookstores

  • community centers.

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Typically, programs will be geared toward a specific age group, whether that be a book club for preschoolers or a summer reading challenge for elementary and middle school students.


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