How is the PLAN Scored?

Consider the PLAN the PSAT for the ACT. Completed in 10th grade, the PLAN enables students to gain firsthand experience with the ACT. Test results range from 1 (lowest) to 32 (highest), with subsections in English and Mathematics marked from 1 to 16. Score reports include an estimated ACT result, as well as information about which skills are strengths and which are weaknesses.

What is on the test?

The test includes English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science portions. The English section addresses both Usage/Mechanics and Rhetorical Skills, while the Mathematics section focuses on Pre-Algebra through Geometry. The exam allows for 115 minutes for all four portions, and it involves only multiple-choice questions.

How is it scored?

Like the ACT, there is no penalty for guessing on the PLAN. The number of questions you answer correctly informs your final score. Keep in mind, however, that combined subscores (in English and Mathematics) do not necessarily equal section scores. Here is some great information on how the ACT is scored.

What is on the score report?

You will receive a score for each section, as well as an overall composite score that is an average of these four portions. Your results will also reflect all subsections. Beside each score is a chart that compares your results to other students’ who sat for the test at the same time. This chart represents the percentage of students who scored at or below your mark.

As previously mentioned, the PLAN prepares you for future ACT testing. Based on your results, the PLAN predicts your likely score on the ACT if you complete the relevant high school courses and continue to achieve at the same level. These scores are sorely estimates, as you have not yet taken the ACT! If you are unhappy with the result the PLAN predicts, this is an excellent opportunity to begin improving your study habits, changing your focus in school, and perhaps seeking additional assistance through tutoring or in-school services. These are some great tips on how to improve your ACT score that you may find useful as well.

On the reverse of your score report is a detailed list of the skills that were tested on the PLAN. You will also note suggestions to deepen content or skills based on questions you answered incorrectly. Utilize this page to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie academically. For example, if you erred on all of the possessive pronoun questions, the score report will suggest that you review them. If you do not understand what something means, strike up a conversation with a tutor or teacher about the items you are struggling with in school.