Holiday Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may find that the student on your list is the hardest to shop for. With the high costs of tuition, textbooks, and life on a college campus, there may be countless things your student needs. How do you find a present that is both practical and still a gift? These holiday gift ideas for the student in your life will not only show him or her that you care, but can help your student power through his or her remaining semesters.

An Amazon Kindle or tablet

Save your student’s back (literally) by taking his or her textbooks digital. An Amazon Kindle or other tablet can allow students not only to access all of their textbooks in one location, but can also be a great note-taking tool. There are hundreds of great apps to help students in every aspect of school, from connecting with peers, to flash card assistance, to study help for their next big test. Does your student already have a tablet? Tech accessories are a great way to increase functionality and add a bit of flair to any tablet. Consider getting your student a wireless keyboard, a stand up case, or a lightning charger.

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A pair of noise canceling headphones

Finding a quiet place to study can be difficult, and during hectic times like finals, finding a seat in the library can be impossible. A pair of noise canceling headphones allows your student to study anywhere, from the campus union, to his fraternity house, to a shady spot on campus grounds. Your student can study to his or her favorite tunes (or white noise if that’s his or her style) without worrying about unnecessary distractions.

A decorative planner or calendar

Make sure your student stays organized in style. With classes, homework, student organizations, and part-time jobs, keeping track of everything is no easy feat. You might recoil at the idea of gifting an organizational tool, but daily planners are the lifeblood of college students and come in extravagant, and even designer, patterns (like these Lily Pulitzer planners or Gallery Leather planners). You can also personalize planners through monogramming, adding whimsical charms, or including colorful dividers. Complement the gift with stamps, stickers, pens, and highlighters to ensure that no task is forgotten. Want to make the gift extra personal? Add some of your own motivational notes throughout the planner, providing an extra surprise as he or she uses it throughout the year.

A fitness tracker

With all of the responsibilities associated with school, it can be tough to keep track of personal fitness. A wearable fitness tracker can help your student stay healthy while in college. Devices like a Fitbit can track calories, steps taken, and distance walked per day. Some of these devices can also monitor sleep patterns, helping to ensure your student is getting the correct amount of sleep per night. A tracker is an easy way to help your student remain conscious about his or her health while juggling all of the other responsibilities that come with college life.

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A coffee maker

Late nights and early mornings are common occurrences in a college student’s life. Help make 8 a.m. classes a little easier with a nice coffee maker for your student. Whether it’s a single pot maker, a coffee press, or a Keurig, early-rising students will appreciate the boost of caffeine. Add a variety of creamers, a personalized to-go thermos, and a fancy mug for your student on the go.

A private, one-on-one tutor

Of course, we couldn’t leave this out of our holiday list: The gift of understanding is perhaps the most valuable present you can provide this holiday season. Quality private tutors can be difficult to come by, but Varsity Tutors can simplify the process of selecting and connecting with a talented and experienced instructor. Provide your student with the foundation for success this holiday season—and watch as improved understanding leads to academic success.