Funding To Support Gifted Students

For years politicians and administrators have tried to create educational equality, providing tutors and additional help for struggling students and raising awareness about under-performing schools.

But, what about the gifted students? They are the most ignored group of students in America. They are more talented and naturally-intelligent than normal students, and therefore do not need any additional help, at least that’s what most believe.

Some believe that the American education system should give gifted students more resources, rather than ignoring them. They believe that they should receive additional help and funding to help the future American economy gain a competitive edge, according to an article in District Administration.

Industries are becoming increasingly more competitive, and America is beginning to lag behind foreign competitors. American workers are not as skilled – compared to foreign workers – as they once were, partly because of the lagging education system.

Some believe that the future of America’s economy rests in its ability to turn gifted students into leading industry innovators. Therefore, these gifted students need stronger challenges and more encouragement throughout their education, rather than constant ignoring.

China and India focus their efforts on gifted students, giving them the best possible education, an education far better than what the average student receives, helping them achieve a competitive, economic advantage. And the question remains, should America do the same?

Currently, it is not. The only federal funding for gifted students is the Jacob Javits Gifted and Talented Education Act, which has provided $7.5 million for about 3 million gifted American students.

Grassroots organizations have taken interest in this cause, and the Obama administration is beginning to listen. 

The Equity in Excellence Act of 2010 is currently pending in the House and the Senate. If passed, this legislation would seek to increase teacher effectiveness, accountability and funding for gifted and talented students.

Other organizations are simply trying to create more awareness for the gifted students cause, the forgotten group in education. Most groups’ argument remains the same: focus efforts on these students to help boost America’s economy, making it a more competitive world, industry leader.