Five SAT Test Prep Tips

The next SAT test date is only a month away!

 1. Practice, practice, practice.  Just like learning how to ride a bike, you get better at the SAT by practicing.  Staring at the questions won't get you far.  Dive in and do some practice questions.  You'll not only learn the format of the questions, you'll also learn how The College Board (makers of the SAT) likes to word questions.

2. Use The Official SAT Study Guide.  What better way to practice than by using actual SAT test questions?  This book is published by The College Board, and contains a whopping 10 full length practice tests.  In addition, the book contains test-taking approaches and reviews of important math concepts.

3. Read books and magazines to beef up your English.  Don't memorize lists of vocabulary words.  The SAT won't ask you to write out the definition of "loquacious".  It may, however, ask you if "loquacious" fits in a particular sentence or not.  This is why contextual learning of vocabulary words trumps memorizing lists and lists of new words.  By reading a book, a magazine, or a newspaper, you see how words are actually used in everyday English.

4. Learn how to eliminate choices. Even if you can only eliminate two answer choices, go ahead and guess.  The SAT only docks 1/4 of a point for incorrect choices.  The SAT's multiple choice questions have five answer choices.  This means that anytime you can eliminate two or more choices, you're better off in the long-run, even if you're just guessing.

5. Seek Help.  Ask your Math or English teacher for help.  Prep for the SAT with friends.  Hire a private tutor.  Give yourself the opportunity to discuss problems with someone else, and you'll gain a lot more than pulling your hair out by yourself. Here is some great information on what an average SAT Score is that may help you prepare as well.

 The great thing about the SAT is that you have lots of time to prep for it (all the test dates are posted online).  And you are allowed to take it as many times as you want. So follow the five tips and start prepping!