Education Tech Trends For 2011

Here are five emerging technology trends in K-12 classrooms as we step into 2011:

  1. Increase in use of mobile devices - cellphones and iPad devices have replaced the desktop computer as the tech tool to use.
  2. Increase in web-based instruction  - scales easily and allows for remote access.
  3. Increase in tech-based monitoring and assessment - for the most recent implementation, see the New York Time's article about the Gates Foundation backing a massive push for webcams in classrooms that monitor teacher performance.
  4. Increase in cloud-based applications - ever used Google docs before?
  5. Increase in teacher professional development that focuses on integrating technology into education - Many of the teachers of today are "digital migrants" teaching "digital natives" (the students).  It's the teachers who need to go back to the classroom to learn what their students already know.

Read more about emerging tech trends in the full article from The Journal here.