Best Study Tips For Spring Break

Whether you're in the middle of spring break or will start vacation soon, keep in mind some tips to stay connected with your academic school work and not find yourself "behind" after the holidays.

Mix in relaxation with light studying.  Studying during spring break when you're not stressed out because it's the night before a test may allow you to process information in a different light.  Instead of trying to cram 100 biology textbook pages in two hours, you have the leisure of getting to understand concepts at a comfortable pace.  For studying, also check out our previous blog post on the best study habits.

Take the time to look at your calendar.  Upcoming ACT test date?  Start compiling some ACT practice tests you want to take.  After Spring Break, you will only have half a semester before the school year is all over.  Plan your time wisely to make the most of the remaining weeks of school.  Use some free moments during the break to check out your monthly or weekly planner and avoid major conflicts.

Establish habits of sleep and good nutrition.  The last few weeks of the semester could be very busy and hectic.  During Spring Break, try to set up a good sleep schedule and do your best to stick to it after the holidays.  You will inveitably have late nights, but getting in your sleep during the break could pay off later.  Likewise with your diet, starting some good habits during the break can lead to gains during the school weeks.  It's common sense that bodies and brain cells function better with adequate rest and healthy nutrition, yet sleep and proper nutrition are often the first things to slip when one is stressed the day before an exam.  Establish those good habits beforehand and you will be more likely to stick to them come "crisis" time.