Benefits of Overnight College Visits

Students, and sometimes parents, often choose to tour campuses—but these tours are often just for the duration of the morning or afternoon. If you are wondering why a student might wish to choose to participate in overnight college visits, or whether to partake in one yourself, consider the following benefits:

A comprehensive view

A wonderful aspect of staying at a college overnight is that you can gain a better idea of the way in which campus life operates. Staying at a school overnight can reveal the true culture of a college or a university. You might learn that there are a plethora of social activities that interest you (volunteer opportunities, intramural sports, etc.). On the other hand, you may find that the nightlife is not quite what you are looking for. Either way, by experiencing overnight college visits, you may obtain a more complete perspective of what a school is like. Here are 10 tips for college campus visits that you may find useful.

An opportunity to meet people

Spending the night at a college or university can provide you with the opportunity to meet its current students. You may become acquainted with one or more upperclassmen who can help you in the future if you enroll at the school. They might also be able to answer questions about the college or university and what being a student there entails. Outside the watchful gaze of admissions officials, students may offer a more honest opinion of the school you are considering. Here is some great information on how to plan a college campus visit.

The option to attend multiple classes

If you are spending an extended amount of time at a school, you are likely to have the opportunity to attend classes with a host student. This can familiarize you with the possible instructors at a college or university and the workload required to succeed. You can see a campus operating at its most bustling time, which can be an eye-opening experience. Most host students will be happy to let you glance at their course materials, too. This is some useful information on how to prepare for a college visit.

Do not forget to attend clubs, campus activities, and sporting events that you are interested in as well—viewing everything from a student’s perspective may significantly help you in making your college decision later.

A chance to further scope out the dining facilities and dormitories

Many schools require college freshmen to live on campus, so overnight college visits can give you the chance to inspect your potential living situation. You can also familiarize yourself with the cafeteria, meet students there, and ask questions about the meal plans you might be required to purchase. Spending time in the dorms can give you an understanding of group and roommate living setups as well. Dorm life is not suitable for everyone, so this is an excellent chance to find out if that applies to you.

Finally, the benefits of overnight college visits allow you to truly envision yourself at a particular college or university. This can be helpful if you are having difficulty choosing between several schools. By fully immersing yourself in the life of a college student at a particular college or university, you are better able to make the best college choice for you.