A Card Game Boosts Social And Academic Skills

Bridge, a card game with seemingly complex rules to those who don't play, is becoming the game of choice in classrooms.  A recent article in the New York Times article points to ridge as being as intellectually stimulating as chess, but with an added social component.  Whereas chess is a two person game, bridge can be played with four persons at a time, and variations of the game can accomodate any number of even players.

The game has even drawn the support of the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who donated $1 million back in 2005 to promote bridge in schools.

With terms like "tricks" and "dummy", bridge is a game that combines math, problem solving, luck, and cooperation.  Players on the same "team" have to learn to work together to turn tricks and win.  Students may also develop concentration and persistence, as games can take as long as three to four hours.

Find out more about bridge in schools here, schoolbridgeleague.org