6 Things for High School Seniors to Remember as Graduation Nears

With graduation just a few weeks away, your mind may be quickly closing the high school chapter and moving onto your next endeavor—but don’t let the door shut yet. With the little time you have left, you can still accomplish some important tasks. Remember certain things as high school graduation nears, such as to prepare for your graduation ceremony or to take AP exams. Looking to make the most of your time before high school ends? Keep reading to discover six things high school seniors should remember as graduation nears.

1. Remember to thank your teachers as graduation nears

Before you leave high school, thank your teachers—especially those who have made an impact on you. You can thank them in person or give them a written thank you note. This gesture goes a long way—teachers appreciate knowing they have made a difference in a student’s life and education. You also never know when you’ll be in search of a recommendation letter down the road.

2. Tackle AP exams as graduation nears

Even though AP tests take place toward the end of the school year, don’t let preparation slip your mind. Make sure to:

  • Create a list of your responsibilities and obligations in the coming weeks to see where best to fit in structured prep time

  • Understand the process of sending your scores to your future school, to ensure they receive them on time and to prevent future stress.

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3. As graduation nears, tie up any loose ends

At the end of the year, you will have to send your high school transcript to your college or forward any other required paperwork to them. Sometimes, your high school’s guidance counselor might handle these tasks, but it’s a good idea to double-check. This will ensure there is no last-minute scramble for your records right before starting college. If you’re taking a gap year or have other plans outside of attending college, it’s still a good idea to identify what documents you can get copies of before graduation, so you have them on file in the future if your plans change.

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4. As graduation nears, spend time with your classmates   

Unfortunately, this might be the last time all of your high school friends will be in the same place at the same time. Stay after school a bit longer, and make an effort to see them on the weekends. Even lunchtime can be a great time to enjoy each other’s company and make memories. It can be easy to become flustered by the hectic atmosphere in the weeks leading up to graduation, so make sure to take time to enjoy the friendships you have made.

5. As graduation nears, prepare for your high school graduation ceremony

Make sure that you’re in the know for how the graduation ceremony will occur. Be aware of the time that you need to arrive, as well as the dress code and any other relevant policies. Make sure your family has tickets, if necessary, and knows any applicable procedures. If your school offers a rehearsal for graduation, be sure to attend so things run smoothly the day of the event.

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6. As graduation nears, enjoy the time you have left in high school

Regardless of how your high school experience unfolded, enjoy these last few weeks. High school is unlike any other time in your life. Looking back, you’ll be thankful you took time to appreciate the experience.

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