6 Surprising Things About Senior Year of High School

Senior year of high school is full of exciting opportunities. You may be chomping at the bit to graduate and get to college, but you must remember to live in the moment and appreciate all that this year has to offer! In order to prepare you for the year ahead, here are six surprising things about your senior year of high school.

1. Taking important classes

It is a common misconception that seniors do not need to take anymore of the “important” classes, leaving them to only focus on fun electives. While it does vary by high school how many core classes a senior will need to take, you definitely are going to have to sign up for some of the  more serious classes. One major benefit of senior year is that students typically have the opportunity to take additional courses, such as AP or college-credit classes through local colleges or universities. Classes such as these are helpful as they can help clear up your freshman year of college schedule. Or, if you would rather, take a class you have simply always had your eye on. Check with your high school to see the opportunities available. You never know what you may discover! Keep an open mind and perhaps you will come across a subject within your future career. 

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2. College preparation

You should use much of your senior year to start preparing for the transition to college. You cannot wait until the end of the year to begin thinking about your future. You wouldn’t want to miss any important housing or registration deadlines for your future campus, for instance. On the flipside, if you’re considering a gap year, ensure you explore those opportunities well in advance. Act quickly because deadlines approach sooner than you may think.

3. GPA validity

Your GPA still counts and definitely still matters during your senior year of high school. While you may be taking less or even easier classes, you still need to do your absolute best to earn solid grades. Remember that colleges can revoke an acceptance offer if your grades slip too much. A good GPA is important for many reasons including college admissions, scholarship opportunities, or even just to display when you create your first resume.

4. Friendships

One thing to keep in mind is that once your senior year of high school is over, you may not see most of your classmates ever again. People change, and friendships change; do not be too hung up on being friends with everyone possible, or by issues that may have occurred with classmates in the past. Savor your time with the people who matter to you. It can be bittersweet to end your high school career, but try to focus on all of the exciting opportunities in your future while you hold these memories dearly.

5. Senioritis

Yes, senioritis is a common problem and it will likely set in… fast. It can be really tough to stay motivated during the entire final year of high school. In order to avoid senioritis, keep yourself as busy as you can. Stay involved with school activities, get a part-time job, focus extra on schoolwork, etc. You are going to have a year full of “lasts,” so you might as well make the most of it. Senior year will end up flying by, so do everything you can to enjoy it.

6. Young underclassmen

Do you remember being a freshman in high school? Remember how the seniors always seemed so grown up? Well, prepare yourself for the opposite feeling because the freshmen are going to look quite young to you now that you’re at the top of the school’s totem pole! Consider helping out a freshman with directions in the school or advice on upcoming classes, as you would have likely appreciated when you were in their shoes.

Keep in mind that senior year of high school, while very fun and rewarding, is also a time to set yourself up for a successful future. You still have a whole year of classes, so do not let that senioritis kick in too quickly. Find the perfect balance of enjoyment and hard work, and you should have an excellent last year.