5 Things to Pack for Move-In Day

It is nearly time for you to move into your dorm for your freshman year of college, and like many new students, you may be wondering what to bring with you. You will most likely have less personal space in your new room than you do at home, so it’s important to pack with care, and to leave unnecessary items behind. If you are trying to determine what to pack for college, check out the list of essential items below:

1. Seasonal wardrobe

One of the most important things to pack for move-in day is your attire. If you’re beginning in the fall semester, chances are that you may not need that middle-of-the-summer bathing suit. Pack clothes that you will reasonably wear over the next three months, and remember that you can trade some of your fall semester items for spring semester clothes if you return home for winter break. Avoid bringing your entire wardrobe with you, as it is unlikely to fit in the closet and dresser that are issued to you. These tips may help you better adjust to dorm room life.

2. Sheets, blankets, and pillows

It may seem obvious to pack bedding, but many students have trouble determining how many sets they will need. A great rule of thumb is to bring two sets of sheets so that you can swap them out while you wash one set. One comforter and one or two pillows can complete the rest of your bedding. Some dorms have twin XL-size mattresses, while others have standard twin beds. Be sure to find out what size mattress your school uses before you arrive on campus.

3. Fan

Stay cool with this must-have item on move-in day. Although some dorms have air conditioning, many do not. It is a wonderful idea to bring a fan with you for those evenings when your room gets too warm, or even for move-in day when you’ll be carrying boxes.

4. Toiletries

At the end of move-in day, you might be craving a hot shower – so make sure your supplies are on-hand and ready to go. One of the top-five things to pack for move-in day has to be toiletries. Even if they are available near your campus, bring a starter supply on your first day of school. If you haven’t purchased a shower caddy yet, now is the time! In addition, remember to bring bath towels with you, as well as hand towels or washcloths if you want them. Three or four bath towels should be sufficient for the year.

5. Cleaning supplies

Some schools ensure that their dorms are very clean on move-in day, but cleaning supplies are still a necessity on this “things to pack for move-in day” list. Be prepared for whatever state your room might be in when you move in by having a few cleaning supplies on hand. A small vacuum will be of use not only on move-in day, but also to keep things tidy throughout the year. Spray disinfectant and paper towels will be necessary to keep the surfaces in your room clean. Don’t forget laundry detergent to wash your clothes, as well as a small bottle of dish detergent and a sponge to wash any dishes you may have brought with you. Stocking up on cleaning supplies before move-in day will save you any potential trips to the local grocery store during your first day on campus.

Good luck on move-in day and in your classes, and remember don't fear the dorm!