5 Questions to Ask Your Campus Tour Guide

College tours are a great opportunity to get a sense of a school you either have or are planning to apply to. Spending time on campus allows you to see classrooms and facilities, observe student life, and experience the overall campus atmosphere. Your tour guide can be a great resource to gain insider information about the school and to help answer your important questions. Questions to ask your campus tour guide can include what their favorite thing about this school is, what is something they wish they could change about the school, and how their experiences have been with their professors.

Looking to get the most out of your campus tour? Keep reading to learn five questions to ask your campus tour guide.

Question #1 to ask your campus tour guide—“How was your transition from high school to college?”

Every person’s experience is different, but this question can help you develop a sense of how this particular college or university supports incoming freshmen. Asking this question can also help you answer additional questions like:

  • Does this school have special resources or programs to support you academically in your first year?

  • What residence programs or social activities can help you connect with other freshmen?

  • Does the school offer a well-executed orientation to introduce you to freshman opportunities?

You might be feeling apprehensive about your own transition to college, so talking to your tour guide could help calm your nerves and offer some useful insights.

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Question #2 to ask your campus tour guide—“What’s your favorite thing about the school?”

Learning what the college or university does well from a student perspective is essential. This is especially helpful when you know your own priorities and what you need from your college experience. If you’re looking for student life with a variety of clubs and organizations, your tour guide may be able to give you valuable insights on this aspect of campus life. If you’re concerned about having a multitude of internship opportunities, it can be helpful to learn how your tour guide views the available positions. Asking pointed questions specific to your priorities will help you pinpoint if this school is the right fit for you.

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Question #3 to ask your campus tour guide—“What is one thing you wish you could change about your school?”

While it’s important to learn about all of the positives the school can offer you, it’s also beneficial to understand any shortcomings. You could ask whether or not the dorms are too crowded, or if it’s difficult to get a spot in popular classes. Identify specific things that may be deal-breakers for you, and create your questions around those. Remember, every person is different and has a unique experience. However, this information can be especially helpful when trying to make a final decision.

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Question #4 to ask your campus tour guide—“What do students typically do on the weekends?”

This question helps you get a sense of student life. If the college is primarily a commuter school, that’s helpful to know before attending. Similarly, if it’s a school where Greek life dominates the weekend activities, regardless of your Greek life opinion, this will be beneficial to know. Other questions to ask may include:

  • Does the school have room for students to live on campus so that you can spend time with other freshmen on the weekends?

  • Do students typically venture off campus on the weekends?

Question #5 to ask your campus tour guide—“What is your experience with your professors?”

Are the professors willing to help if you need extra assistance? Are they interested in your learning and growth? Would they be willing to give you a letter of recommendation if you needed one for an internship? Professors are a central part of your educational experience, so it’s necessary to know how they are at a given school.

Before attending your campus tour, identify your priorities and what you hope to get out of your college experience. Develop a list of questions that address your concerns and will allow you to more easily narrow down your college choices.

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