5 Benefits of Using Videos to Learn

You might believe that academic learning can only occur in a classroom or another structured educational setting. But modern technology—such as the advent of the internet and the ability to upload video to websites like YouTube—has made it possible for students to access detailed lessons anywhere. Enter the online educational video.

It can be very beneficial to use online educational videos to learn. The benefits of using these videos can include ease of access, new opportunities for academic growth, and connection to an online learning community. Videos can be the perfect compliment to the courses you’re taking in school, or you can use them to supplement test prep.

Keep reading to discover five benefits of using videos to learn:

1. Videos help you learn anywhere, at any time, on almost any device

The mobile aspect of online technology is a significant benefit when using videos to learn. It’s possible to begin a video anywhere, at any time, on any internet-enabled device. For example, you might decide to watch an overview of SAT scoring during your bus ride to school. Modern technology makes this possible.

2. You can rewatch lessons with videos

Have you ever wished you could go back in time to listen to a teacher’s lesson all over again? Sometimes, a teacher might move too quickly through a class for the subject matter to make sense to you. In this case, it can be helpful to find a video that compliments what he or she was teaching in class, and to watch it so that you can absorb the key points from your teacher’s lecture.

3. Some videos provide a free way to learn

Many online educational videos are free and available for anyone to watch. This makes learning very accessible. Course series videos, like those often used in MOOCs, have become an increasingly popular way for high school and college students to brush up on certain academic skills or to learn about new subjects.

MOOCs and their associated videos are a great way to complete a course that doesn’t fit into your class schedule. For example, if your high school offered art history, but you couldn’t take it, you could register for a MOOC.

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4. You have the ability to learn something completely new through videos

With online educational videos, you can study virtually any subject that interests you. They also allow you to delve deeper into subjects that your teacher perhaps only scratched the surface of in class. You might want to ask your teacher or a tutor if he or she knows of any videos related to a specific subject you need or want to study.

5. Educational videos allow you to connect with an online learning community

People of all backgrounds from all over the world make online educational videos. The videos also have the ability to connect people of various backgrounds in various places. It can sometimes be worth communicating with others in the video’s comment section if you have questions or strategies you’d like to share.

In some cases, the video’s creator may also be interested in answering your questions. This can be especially helpful when the person who made the video is a professional in his or her field.

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