4 Things to Do the Week Before the ACT

The week before the ACT is often full of last-minute study sessions and hard-to-calm nerves. While a little stress around your ACT test date is hard to avoid, there are things you can do to help reduce that stress and prepare for a successful exam experience. Things to do the week before the ACT include avoiding cramming, getting adequate rest, and organizing your test-day necessities.

Looking to prepare for your upcoming ACT? Here are four things to do the week before the ACT:

1. Avoid cramming the week before the ACT

It might seem like a great strategy to gain as much new knowledge as possible in the time leading up to your ACT test date. However, it’s more helpful to spend the week before the ACT reviewing material—not cramming new content. Not only is it less effective to study under such pressure, it also causes more exam-related stress. During the week before your test, focus on reviewing basics for a designated amount of time each day. This can help your knowledge stay fresh until exam day, without overwhelming your brain.

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2. Get adequate rest the week before the ACT

With the ACT just a week away, you may feel tempted to stay up late hitting the books every night leading up to the exam. Don’t—it’s important to get enough sleep the week before the ACT in order to ensure you’re as rested as possible to tackle the test. Also, as noted above, cramming is rarely a productive method of studying. Instead of staying up late to study, try going to bed an hour or so earlier each night this week. This will help both your brain and body feel rested on test day.

3. Stay active the week before the ACT

Getting some extra exercise every day can help you feel refreshed, relaxed, and less stressed. Consider going for a walk, jog, swim, or bike ride during your free time. Additionally, you could destress with your fellow classmates through a game of soccer, volleyball, basketball or handball. Keeping your exercise fun and creative can motivate you to stick to it all week.

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4. Get organized the week before the ACT

There’s nothing worse than waking up to the sound of your alarm clock on ACT exam day and scrambling to find your testing supplies. Reduce your morning-of stress by getting your test supplies together throughout the week. Make a checklist of the following items, and mark them off as you place them in your bag or backpack:

  • Your printed ACT admissions ticket

  • An official photo ID such as your school ID

  • An eraser

  • Sharpened #2 pencils

  • A calculator

  • Water

  • Healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, a sandwich, or nuts

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Feeling stressed before the ACT is normal. However, you can reduce that stress substantially in the week before the ACT by taking steps to be refreshed and ready for exam day. Good luck!

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