4 New Year’s Resolutions for Students

The closing of a calendar year signals a new opportunity for you to make the most of the upcoming months of school. Setting goals—such as New Year’s resolutions—is one way to do so.

In the new year, you might consider setting goals like, “I will boost my GPA to a B+,” or, “I will proactively complete projects more often.” Below, you’ll learn about four New Year’s resolutions for students to set this coming semester. 

New Year’s resolution #1: Make an impact in your community

Whether your high school carries a community service requirement or not, it can feel great to give back to your local community. Opportunities to volunteer in 2019 may include: 

  • Working with a local nonprofit organization
  • Mentoring younger students at an elementary school
  • Picking up trash off your town’s streets.

If you’re not sure how to get started, ask your guidance counselor where you can find opportunities to give back. Not only does it feel good to make an impact, but it’s also something positive you can put on your college applications. 

New Year’s resolution #2: Reexamine your priorities 

While it’s important to involve yourself in extracurricular activities that enhance your college application, it’s also key to analyze your commitments to ensure you’re involved in the best opportunities for you. In the new year, set aside time to identify what commitments best suit your long-term goals and personal interests. If an activity, for example, causes excess stress or is negatively affecting your grades, it may be time to reevaluate your involvement. On the other hand, if there’s an organization you’ve wished to join, make it a priority to learn more about it in 2019. 

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New Year’s resolution #3: Gain confidence in your academics

High school is a time when you begin to figure out who you are and what your long-term goals may be. Take stock of where your academic interests lie, and look for ways in the new year to engage in activities and classes that support these interests. A great way to gain confidence in your academic areas of interest is to find opportunities to further these skills. Additionally, surround yourself with friends who support your goals and encourage you to succeed. 

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New Year’s resolution #4: Make time for personal interests

Much of your high school years are spent in class preparing for college. During this time, however, it’s also important to pursue classes, extracurriculars, and outside activities that make you excited about your educational experience.

In 2019, set aside time for yourself every day to do something that you enjoy. That could be an elective class, a club, a sport, or even taking time at home to read or explore a hobby. Having this time to expand your interests can help you stay more focused in school and motivated to succeed in the new year. 

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