3 Ways to Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day

If you love to read, this April holiday may be perfect for you—World Book and Copyright Day. World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated on April 23. On this date in 1616, Cervantes, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, and William Shakespeare—all famous authors—died. It’s also the birth or death date of several other celebrated authors.                                                                         

In 1995, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (or UNESCO) paid tribute to books and writers, and World Book and Copyright Day was thus born. The holiday was established as a global tribute to books and the people who write them. It’s also a day to encourage all people—especially youth—to explore the joy of reading and to create a new respect for all authors who have furthered the progress and culture of humanity through their writing. Interested in recognizing this holiday? Here are three ways to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day, including visiting your local library.

1. Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day by attending special events

Local bookstores may hold events on this date, including:

  • Literacy activities for children

  • Readings

The holiday is a great opportunity to introduce the significance of books and reading to your child, or to start a new tradition within your family. While larger bookstores may hold a variety of events, you can also connect with independent booksellers to learn about their offerings. If they don’t have anything planned, you might just inspire them to host a special event.

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2. Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day by visiting your local library

One celebrated aspect of World Book and Copyright Day is the role that libraries play in making books accessible and enjoyable for so many people around the world. Pay a visit to your local library on April 23, even if it isn’t hosting a special event. You can create your own special event by spending the day with books.

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3. Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day by reading

Perhaps the most straightforward way to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day is to read a book. Check out a new book from your local library, purchase a book from a local bookseller, or reread a favorite book you have at home. If you have a particularly busy day on April 23, reading a portion of a book with your family can be a great way to end the day and to celebrate the holiday.

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When you read a book, you become a part of the ongoing transfer of information and culture that is so important to human history. You’re also supporting the work of writers who are devoted to the process of information and cultural exchange. Happy World Book and Copyright Day!

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