3 Ways Struggling B-School Students Can Re-Focus This Semester

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The first semester of business school can be challenging. In your second semester, however, you have a better understanding of what to expect in your MBA program. Starting the semester on the right foot is important, and re-focusing your priorities can help you achieve this. If you find yourself struggling in business school, or you simply want to improve your grades, re-focus this semester by keeping a planner, getting to know your professors, and outlining your short-term and long-term goals. 

Re-focus on business school this semester by developing a schedule

The day-to-day schedule of an MBA student can be busy. Therefore, a calendar—either physical or virtual—can help you keep track of your obligations. Write down class periods, exam dates, and study sessions. Also include special events, like company presentations, club activities, and MBA conferences. Note appointments with friends and family members, as well. This can help you monitor your commitments outside of business school. Finally, make sure to schedule downtime for yourself. To be successful in your MBA program, it is important to find time to recharge.

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Speak with your business school professors and administrators

The faculty and staff in your program want you to succeed. At the beginning of the semester, visit your professors during office hours, introduce yourself, and ask for any advice that they may have regarding success in b-school. You can also schedule an appointment at your school’s career center to make a plan for achieving your goals in your field. Think of your success as a team effort, with you as the captain. You can go farther as an MBA student with a good support system behind you.

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Outline your business school goals when re-focusing

In business school, it’s important to remind yourself that you can’t do everything: you can’t run every organization, attend every company visit, apply to every internship, or participate in every case competition. You will have to make difficult choices at times, and establish where your goals fall.

During your second semester of business school, your main priorities should include:

  • Maintaining the GPA necessary to stay in your program.
  • Pursuing the career opportunities that will benefit you after graduation. 

When considering how to spend the remainder of your time, think about what your goals were when you started the program, as well as what your goals are now. It is normal for your goals to have changed since you began your MBA program. Examine these changes, and re-establish your semester and long-term goals.

In addition to these strategies for re-focusing this semester, b-school students can also reflect on the previous semester and remember the things that went well. Plan ahead, communicate with your professors, and prioritize your goals, so that you can have a successful second semester of business school.

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