10 Twitter Accounts Every Parent Should Follow

Social media is a fantastic way to stay current on educational news and trends. Twitter in particular is a great social media tool, as it allows you to consolidate all of your news updates into one place. Here are 10 Twitter accounts every parent should follow to stay informed about his or her child’s education.

1. The College Board - @CollegeBoard

The College Board posts information related to student success, college selection, and the transition from high school to college. This is a great Twitter account for your high school junior or senior to follow, as well.

2. The SAT Program - @OfficialSAT

This official SAT Twitter page will help you keep track of all things SAT – from test dates, to SAT test taking resources, to exam changes. As with The College Board, your high school student can benefit from following this account.

3. AP for Students - @APforStudents

Get study tips, as well as test and curriculum information, for your student who is considering or participating in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. This is also a helpful page for your student. You may also want to consider these 5 questions before taking an AP course.

4. ACTStudent - @ACTStudent

Find ACT test details and college admissions tips through this helpful Twitter page. Students on Twitter who plan to take the ACT should follow this account.

5. United States Department of Education - @usedgov

Stay in the know on any education policy changes in the United States that may affect your child’s schooling experience.

6. Federal Student Aid - @FAFSA

Keep an eye on Federal Student Aid happenings, such as impending due dates, to help finance your child’s education. You may also want to considering asking your college these three questions about financial aid.    

7. Arne Duncan - @arneduncan

Arne Duncan is the United States Secretary of Education. He maintains an active Twitter feed for updates on policy, trends, and accomplishments related to education.

8. U.S. News Education - @USNewsEducation

The education section of U.S. News and World Report offers Tweets related to education news. Also, this publication frequently shares college and program rankings.

9. Gates Education - @gatesed

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeks to improve education in the United States by ensuring that every high school student graduates fully prepared for college. Follow this Twitter page for information on educational opportunities and programs related to the Gates Foundation. For instance, watch out for postings related to scholarships that your student may be eligible to apply for.  

10. Your state’s Department of Education

Visit your state’s Department of Education website to find its Twitter account. Many have a social media profile that you can follow. This is the go-to place for policy updates and proposals that directly impact you and your student.

Following these Twitter accounts gives you immediate, mobile-friendly access to Tweets related to education all in one place. As you follow these pages, explore the other education accounts that they Retweet. These may also be applicable to your student’s path. Don’t forget to Retweet helpful articles and posts so your own followers can get this content for their students, as well. And be sure to follow @varsitytutors on Twitter for more educational tips, academic updates, and scholarship opportunities. Happy Tweeting!