10 Gift Ideas to Excite the Student in Your Life This Holiday Season

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to begin considering gifts for the student in your life. It can sometimes prove challenging to find the right gift to excite and capture the attention of students—regardless of their age. But when looking for gifts, you may be surprised to find many engaging options that can support your student’s academic interests. 

Looking for gift inspiration that incorporates both fun and education? Keep reading to discover 10 gift ideas to excite the student in your life this holiday season. 

Gift ideas for the elementary student in your life

  • An educational subscription box 

Especially great for younger students, a subscription box is always a fun surprise. There are several different varieties, so pick the one that best aligns with the student’s interests and your gift budget. Little Passports is an excellent option that encourages the exploration of different cultures, Green Kid Crafts has fun DIY crafts, and Girls Can! Crate has great resources surrounding positive female role models.

  • Bingo games

Bingo games are great ways to engage young learners. Bug Bingo, for example, is ideal for elementary students who love all things involving critters. It has beautiful illustrations that will capture the attention of the student in your life. 

  • A wallet 

This gift can take many different forms, but this wallet is actually an undercover learning resource. Elementary students can learn how to count and manage money with the help of this handy tool. 

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Gift ideas for the middle school student in your life

  • Creative pens

Give the middle schooler in your life a creative tool this holiday season. With fun pens, students are able to add a pop of color to their weekly planner or art assignment to help brighten their days. Look for pens that have fun grips and different kinds of ink, like these

  • Puzzles

Puzzles are a great gift for students this age. They’re also a fantastic holiday gift, as they can involve quality time with family. There are numerous puzzles out there, but this candy wrapper puzzle is especially fun for middle schoolers.

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Gift ideas for the high school student in your life

  • Portable charger

There are a plethora of learning platforms available to students today, many of which require the use of a mobile device. A portable charger is sure to keep the high schooler in your life with a full phone or tablet battery. There are several different models out there, but this charger is a great option. 

  • Alarm clock

Considering that high school students are often pulling late nights, it can be challenging to wake up in the morning in time for school. Luckily, there are a variety of alarm clocks on the market that offer a plethora of unique qualities. The Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, for example, offers many customizable features for your student to take advantage of. 

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Gift ideas for the college student in your life

  • Passion planner

This is an appointment calendar, to-do list tracker, goal setting guide, journal, and sketchbook all in one notebook. It’s a great tool for college students, especially those about to graduate or for those who need help tracking their goals throughout the semester. 

  • 100 movies scratch off poster

This poster is great for both film buffs and those deepening an interest in film. Once you view a film, you scratch it off the list to keep track. This is a great holiday gift, as you can get a start watching some of these iconic films together over the holiday break. 

  • Book of the month club

A book subscription is a great gift to give the college student in your life. Every month, the subscriber gets to pick from five hardcover books. Then, they’re delivered right to your door.

With the approaching holiday season, it can be intimidating to find the right gifts to engage the student in your life. The above ideas can help you find exciting—and educational—gift ideas that the student in your life will benefit from this holiday season. 

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