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Example Question #21 : Secondary Structure

Which of the following are true of beta sheet structures in a protein?

I. Beta sheets are formed by one or multiple polypeptide chains.

II. Beta sheets are secondary structures in proteins. 

III. In a beta sheet, polypeptide strands can be parallel or antiparallel.

IV. In beta sheets hydrogen bonds connect polypeptide chains.

Possible Answers:

II and III

I and II

III and IV

I, II, and III

I, II, III, and IV

Correct answer:

I, II, III, and IV


A beta sheet (a secondary structure) has parallel strands when the N-terminal and C-terminal are in the same orientation for all the strands. When the orientation alternates between beta strands they are considered to be anti-parallel. Hydrogen bonds stabilize the structure between polypeptide strands.

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