AP US History : Global Participation 1801–1848

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Example Question #71 : Ap Us History

"Have not results in Mexico taught the invincibility of American arms?...The North Americans will spread out far beyond their present bounds. They will encroach again and again upon their neighbors. New territories will be planted, declare their independence, and be annexed. We have New Mexico and California! We will have Old Mexico and Cuba! The isthmus cannot arrest--nor even the Saint Lawrence!! Time has all of this in her womb. A hundred states will grow up where now exists but thirty."

- DeBow's Commercial Review, 1848

Which of the following groups would be least likely to agree with the tone of and sentiments described within the passage?

Possible Answers:

White Southern planters who desired the extension of their way of life

Urban industrialists who prioritized developing new markets

Newly arrived immigrants seeking cheap land to farm

Western Democrats who sought to expand their influence

the Californios and Native Americans who inhabited the territory

Correct answer:

the Californios and Native Americans who inhabited the territory


As more white settlers moved into the region, the West's earlier inhabitants - like the Californios and Native Americans - faced losing their land and, in the case of Mexican citizens, their right to participate in government.

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