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Example Question #1 : References To Rome In Poetry Passages

Defessi Aeneadae, quae proxima litora, cursu
contendunt petere, et Libyae vertuntur ad oras.
Est in secessu longo locus: insula portum
efficit obiectu laterum, quibus omnis ab alto              
frangitur inque sinus scindit sese unda reductos.

"Aeneadae" in line 1 refers to __________.

Possible Answers:



The Trojans

Aneas' son

Correct answer:

The Trojans


The word "Aeneadae" refers to the Trojans. It is one of many names that they are referred to as in Vergil's Aeneid. In Latin, it is normal to add the suffix "-ida" to the name of someone to indicate that a person or group is the descendent(s) of that person. Since Aeneas is the leader of the Trojans, it makes sense to refer to them as the Aeneadae (The Aeneans or Race of Aeneas).

(Passage adapted from the Aeneid by Vergil, 1.157-161)

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