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Example Question #47 : Ap Latin Language

1 Quod genus hoc hominum? Quaeve hunc tam barbara morem

2  permittit patria? Hospitio prohibemur harenae;

3  bella cient, primaque vetant consistere terra.

4  Si genus humanum et mortalia temnitis arma

5  at sperate deos memores fandi atque nefandi.

6  Rex erat Aeneas nobis, quo iustior alter,

7  nec pietate fuit, nec bello maior et armis.

In the statement "hospitio…terra" (lines 2-3), what is Ilioneus accusing Dido’s men of doing?

Possible Answers:

Attempting to kill Aeneas.

Depriving them of food.

Forbidding them from speaking to the queen.

Forbidding them from landing on shore.

Correct answer:

Forbidding them from landing on shore.


The lines translate as, We are forbidden from the hospitality of the shore, they stir up wars, and they forbid [us] from stopping on the borders of the land. Dido’s men are keeping the survivors of Aeneas’ fleet from landing on shore and staying on their land. Ilioneus has come to beg for a safe place to stay for him and his men.

(Passage adapted from The Aeneid of Vergil 1. 539-546)

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