Test: AP Latin

After being warned of an imminent attack by the Gauls, Caesar’s men debate whether to stay in their camp or attempt to join another unit.

1 Lucius Aurunculeius compluresque tribuni militum et primorum ordinum

2 centuriones nihil temere agendum neque ex hibernis iniussu Caesaris

3 discedendum existimabant: quantasvis [magnas] copias etiam Germanorum

4 sustineri posse munitis hibernis docebant: rem esse testimonio, quod

5 primum hostium impetum multis ultro vulneribus illatis fortissime 

6 sustinuerint: re frumentaria non premi; interea et ex proximis hibernis et a 

7 Caesare conventura subsidia: postremo quid esse levius aut turpius, quam

8 auctore hoste de summis rebus capere consilium?


What happens as a result of this debate?

The soldiers decide to leave the winter quarters.

The soldiers cannot agree and a bloody fight ensues.


The soldiers decide to follow the plan outlined in the passage above.

Half of the soldiers defect to the enemy.

1/7 questions


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