Test: AP Chemistry

You may have heard the famous story of Archimedes and the golden crown; where the ancient Greek mathematician was challenged to determine if his King's golden crown was truly made of 100% gold. In that story Archimedes used density to determine that the crown was not 100% gold.

The density of gold is 

In real life there are many applications for this concept that you can use in real life. For example lets say that you are in the business of selling scrap metal. You have spent a lot of time collecting a yellowish metal; but have no clue what it is, and don't wish to simply trust the judgment of the scrap metal buyer. You do know that the most likely yellow metals; given your sources for the metal are copper, brass and gold. You just don't know which it is by looking at it.

The density of copper is 

The density of brass is  the density of brass is a range because it is an alloy of copper and zinc, and can be made with different proportions of each element, whereas the density of copper is exact because it is a pure element, whose composition doesn't change (assuming none of the copper is oxidized, in which case it turns green like the statue of liberty and is no longer a yellow metal).


You have a scale and know the weight of your collected metal to be 20lbs. You take a container with water filling it to an initial volume of 40gal

Then you place your metal in the container, and the volume rises to 61.3gal. What is the identity of your metal?

1gal = 3.785L

1lb = 453.592g

None of these





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