Test: Ancient History: Greece

The Dorians did make contributions to the art, architecture and politics of Greece.  The Dorian and Ionian styles of art and architecture developed side by side but with distinct differences. The Doric style was restrained, massive and simple. The Ionic style was graceful, elegant and ornate. The Dorian style of choral lyrics also dominated Greek tragedy. Politically the Dorians followed the practice of the Mycenaeans in identifying with the locality in which they lived rather than with the homelands of their ancestors. In the mercantile cities of Corinth, Rhodes and Argos, the Dorians initial plan was to maintain political power for themselves. But they eventually merged with the conquered native populations. In contrast, in areas such as Sparta and Crete, the Dorians maintained political power and became a military ruling class. In so doing, they halted the growth of society politically and culturally to maintain dominance over the conquered people. By 750 BCE, the city state or the “polis” was the fundamental political unit in ancient Greece. The polis encompassed the city and its surrounding villages. The citizens gathered at the agora and the acropolis to discuss city government. It was not unusual for tyrants to seize power in clashes between rulers, nobles, wealthy citizens or the average citizen. These tyrants were hailed as leaders working for the interests of the ordinary period setting up building programs that provided jobs and housing for their supporters.


What form(s) of government would one expect to see in Greece during the Doric civilization?



Democratic Republic 



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