Test: ACT Science

Laura is performing an experiment with a 5kg weight tied to a 3m rope tied to the ceiling as shown:

Laura drops the weight and allows it to swing freely. She measures how long it takes for the weight to return to it's original position (assume no forces outside of gravity are acting upon the pendulum). This is also called one oscillation.

Experiment 1:

Laura created the following table for her first measurement of the pendulum's oscillations.


Experiment 2:

Laura performed the experiment again, this time using a 6kg weight.


 Experiment 3:

Laura performed the experiment again, this time using a 3kg weight and a 5m rope.Screen_shot_2013-11-04_at_8.30.58_am


How long would 4 oscillations be, using the 3m rope and the 6kg weight?





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