Test: ACT Science

Three doctors are discussing the most optimal way to approach cancer treatment. While they all acknowledge that cancer is uncontrolled cell proliferation, they have different opinions on whether chemotherapy is the best treatment method. Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer with cytotoxic antienoplastic drugs. These drugs are used to kill fast-growing cancerous cells. All three doctors agree that chemotherapy has many associated side effects.


Doctor 1

While the drugs used for chemotherapy can be very strong, they need to be. Cancer, by its very definition, is made up of cells growing at a faster than normal rate. This means the treatment needs to be aggressive. The slower the effects of treatment, the more time the cancer has to spread; therefore, while the chemotherapy can also kill some healthy noncancerous cells in the process, it is still the best option. 


Doctor 2 

Chemotherapy does much more harm than good. Chemotherapy might temporarily destroy the cancer, but it does not cure the cancer. In addition, killing the cancerous cells means poisoning the body with chemicals and toxins. Instead, we should be addressing the reasons cancer exists in the first place, treating it at that step. Cancer is due to toxins in the body, industrial pollutions, and drugs. Avoiding sugar, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle—free of toxins, processed food, and other containments—is the best approach.


Doctor 3

Chemotherapy is effective in the sense that it kills the cancer cells. The downfall is that chemotherapy also kills the healthy cells in the process; therefore, we should be looking at way to decrease the amount of chemotherapy needed, so that we are only introducing the minimum amount of toxins into the body. Insulin Potentiating Therapy is a type of chemotherapy in which lower doses of chemotherapy are used because they are combined with insulin. Cancer cells have more insulin receptors than non-cancerous cells; therefore, cancer cells will have a biased absorption of such insulin-based chemotherapy when compared with noncancerous cells. In other words, piggybacking chemotherapy onto insulin allows cancer cells to absorb more of the chemotherapy, meaning less chemotherapy is needed and fewer noncancerous cells absorb the chemotherapy.


What fact do all three doctors seem to agree upon?

Chemotherapy should not be used. 

Chemotherapy has many harmful side effects that might outweigh the good effects of chemotherapy.  

Chemotherapy should be used as a last option. 

Chemotherapy has side effects. 

Chemotherapy cures cancer, but is still dangerous. 

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