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Question of the Day: ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension

For questions 6-10, please refer to the following passage. 

The popularity of coffee has turned into one of the biggest social trends in the world. To some people, there is no way to order a cup of coffee other than simply ordering it black, maybe with a little cream. To others, the only way to order it is with a little flavor – or a lot of flavor. From mochas to lattes to frappes, the selection of coffee products has forever changed. While some may think this is the mainstream way to drink it, others may feel that this new trend has ruined what coffee used to be, claiming that all this new flavor and mixing takes away from the classic drink’s simplicity. However, one thing everyone tends to agree on is the fact that coffee brings that much-needed jolt in the morning, regardless of whether it’s plain or filled with multiple extra ingredients. Many people would say that the caffeine is what it all comes down to, even if they feel the social trend has negatively taken over their beloved drink.

The people who are upset with the social trend that coffee has become are unhappy with the fact that __________.

it is more difficult to order a plain cup of coffee

coffee is now lacking the caffeine it used to have

the social branding has made plain coffee unrecognizable

the simplicity of coffee has been tampered with

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