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If you want to pursue a career in nursing, and you have a certification test coming up, then a Varsity Tutors AANP preparation program may help you out. The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, or AANP, creates exams for prospective nurses to take in order to obtain certification. (Those who require recertification take it as well.) Do you think that you could benefit from AANP tutoring sessions? Then, contact us to learn more about our AANP test preparation options.

You would need to get certification in one of three fields of nursing in order to obtain employment. These fields are Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (A-GNP), and Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP). Even though each field contains 150 questions, only 135 of those questions determine your overall score. (Fifteen of them are pretest questions that have no effect on your score.) If you're going for your FNP certification, here are the details of the exam:

FNP Exam Breakdown

DOMAIN I # Items % of Domain Score
01 - Assessment 48 36
02 - Diagnosis 33 24
03 - Plan 31 23
04 - Evaluation 23 17
DOMAIN II Patient Age Ranges # Items % of Domain Score
Prenatal 4 3
Pediatric (includes Newborn & Infant) 19 14
Adolescent (early /late) 24 18
Adult 50 37
Geriatric 29 21
Elderly 9 7

An AANP class may be the solution for you to help you get ready for test day. Our AANP courses are taught by tutors who know a lot about nursing concepts, like disease prevention and pharmacological therapies. An AANP test prep program lets you ask them any questions plaguing your mind.

In an AANP course, you can learn how to practice good time management skills. Perhaps you find yourself putting off your homework lately, and you want to break that habit. These AANP tutors can help you try to reduce your procrastination habit by advising that you get some rest or create a schedule that organizes your priorities. Maybe you prefer that someone instructs you through slides and images because you're a visual learner. What's awesome about AANP classes is that lessons can be conducted in ways that are comfortable for you. An AANP class tutor can lecture you, use visuals, and/or use any other learning tools you request. We like the fact that our AANP test prep services offer many instruction options.

Are you interested in working with patients who are young adults and older? If so, you would need to get an A-GNP certification. Here's what its exam covers:

A-GNP Exam Breakdown

DOMAIN I # Items % of Domain Score
01 - Assessment 47 35
02 - Diagnosis 34 25
03 - Plan 30 21
04 - Evaluation 24 18
DOMAIN II Patient Age Ranges # Items % of Domain Score
Adolescent (early /late) 9 7
Adult 59 43
Geriatric 50 37
Frail Elderly 17 13

A great way to prepare for the above exam, or any exam, is by reviewing it with someone else. With an AANP prep service, you receive one-on-one attention with an instructor who's eager for you to pursue success, and this makes studying feel less scary and more supportive.

Being a nurse is one of the most important jobs in the world because they have to ensure a patient's health and gain their trust. Therefore, you need to work very hard on your studies while enrolled in our AANP prep program. An AANP test prep tutor can help you along the way by offering practice questions and addressing any concerns you may have about the test. You don't have to leave your home to engage in AANP prep sessions because all lessons take place on the internet. Plus, you can work on your own schedule. Do you want more information about our AANP test prep programs? Please contact Varsity Tutors, and learn more about how an AANP prep service can assist you.

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