Test: 3rd Grade Science


Severe weather can have negative impacts on the people and communities it passes through. Anaya's class is trying to come up with a solution to reduce that impact from hurricanes. They decide that replacing regular windows with windows that are more resistant to strong-winds and impact-proof would be an excellent way to minimize damage and injuries during the storm. Each student has to give their thoughts about the solution.

Which student's claim below is a reasonable explanation of why strong-wind resistant and impact-proof windows would help?

There is no way to tell if this is a good idea or not.

Sadie - "I agree with replacing windows to reduce danger and injuries. People are scared of hurricanes, so new windows will give them a better view of the storm."


Anaya - "I agree with replacing windows to reduce danger and injuries. Hurricanes have high winds, and strengthening the windows will protect families from debris and damage."

Robby - "I agree with the solution to replace the windows. I think that hurricanes rain a lot, so new windows would help keep the house dry."

1/5 questions


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