Test: 3rd Grade Science


Gordon Hubbell and a crew of fossil hunters were digging holes in the desert of Peru in 1988. This desert is one of the driest places on Earth. It gets almost no rain. Hubbel was digging and found jawbones and more than 200 sharp teeth. He is an expert in fossilized sharks, so he recognized the teeth right away. They were shaped like triangles and came to a very sharp point. They belonged to a distant relative of the great white shark!

Why is Hubbell's discovery surprising?

There is nothing surprising about Hubbell's discovery. Scientists find fossils in deserts all the time so there isn't anything special about this finding.

The crew was digging in the desert and found shark teeth. This means the desert of Peru had water with sharks living in it at some point.

The crew was digging in the desert and found shark teeth. This means that sharks had, at one point, lived on land rather than in the water.

None of the answer choices are correct.

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