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Statistics Tutoring in Washington DC

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Varsity Tutors offers Statistics tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in Washington DC. We'll help you learn Statistics through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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The highly-credentialed tutors in Washington DC are uniquely qualified to help you learn Statistics. They have attended institutions including MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and other leading schools.

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Undergraduate Degree:
Rice University - Mathematical Economic Analysis

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Undergraduate Degree:
Old Dominion University - Civil Engineering

Graduate Degree:
George Washington University - Structural Engineering

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Undergraduate Degree:
University Of Oregon - Mathematics

How we help you master: Statistics


You will have learning objectives mapped out by our educational director based on your specific academic needs.


Your skills and progress will be assessed by your Statistics tutor to help shape and define your lesson plan.


We create a personalized learning program, guiding you toward your Statistics objectives.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student read through a few stories in a book I brought to warm up a little (easier than his current book), then we read on alternate pages in his chapter book (I found this really effective last time so we tried it again).  Then I had him answer a few written questions that I created about the two chapters we read, which he did great on.  Finally, he completed another written "journal" for his summer assignment by writing five sentences of his own made up story.  He did better with this and didn't need quite as much prodding to get the sentences down, just some coaching and guidance to help think of the next idea.  

Today the student was finishing up her anthropology paper. She found an additional source which provided useful information. She was having trouble with the format, but we returned to the prompt for guidance. We discussed her plan for studying for her last exam, which is causing her a lot of anxiety. We made a schedule for her once she turns in the paper. We will meet again tomorrow to review for the political science exam.

We covered section 17.4, which was about optimizing functions of more than one variable given a constraint using Lagrange multipliers.  We focused primarily on how to solve the systems of equations that result from using this method, and the student was able to pick up quickly how to set up the equations for each problem.  We also related this process to the previous section in order to verify whether each "optimal" point in the system was maximizing or minimizing the value.

Physics section of the first test. Heavy focus on Kinematics and Energy. Study strategy and scheduling were also discussed.

The student and I focused on math and English for this session - dissecting comma and punctuation rules again.

Today the student and I worked more on gasses and temperature. We started with fundamentals and moved as far as we could towards her homework.

We went over the topics of acids, bases, and salts. We talked about how the fundamental acid-base reaction is the dissociation of water. We went over pH and pOH, and how to relate the two through a formula. We went over definitions of acids and bases. Specifically the different types include Arrhenius, Bronsted Lowery, and Lewis acids and bases. We went over the characteristics of salts. We went over acid base character. We went over example problems on finding pH or pOH. We went over example problems on finding the [H+] and [OH-]. We went over example problems relating pH to [H+]. I did record his grade on his test to note progress. No concerns from the session. We also went over his Geometry homework briefly. He was very confident in this subject and completed his homework with little to no aid.

The student had completed two practice tests as homework, so we went over any questions she got wrong from those tests. Her scores are improving a lot in a short amount of time, which is great news because she is taking the ACT on Saturday. I believe she can get 30+ in all the sections. She reports having an easier time pacing herself during the test, which was her main weakness in the beginning. During the session, we also went over her practice writing exams and we talked about concrete ways she can improve her essays and the ideal structure for the essays.

In this session, the student and I covered executive bureaucracy. The student updated me on his overall grade for the course and it is where he wants to be. I have no concerns after this session.

The student only had three things left to complete the semester. First, we worked through the problem set related to best fit. He worked through the ten problems with some prompting. Many of the problems presented ordered pairs (x,y) and wanted you to identify the most likely equation. I showed him that the easiest way was to sketch a graph to visualize the type of equation (e.g., quadratic, linear, exponential). After working through a couple problems, I think he got the hang of it. He ultimately got a 9 out of 10 on the problem set. We then went through the lesson 5.10, which was the review for the statistics section. Then we took the Unit Test.

This log covers the hour the student and I spent on Wednesday 5/14 and the two hours from today, Thursday 5/15. Today the student and I worked on her final review packet for her geometry class, which covered ratios and identities of triangles. We also worked on her paper over Malcolm X. The student was doing so well today, her outline for her paper was excellent and she was doing extremely well on her math review.

Today the student and I worked on integrals and finding the area under curves on a graph. We worked on the Riemann's sums as well. The student struggled with some of the concepts initially but as time went on he started to grasp the concepts and perform better. The student said that when we started his tutoring he had a 78% in his class but now has an 86%. We are meeting again on Sunday to go over this material more in depth in preparation for his upcoming exam on Tuesday as it is harder than stuff he has previously done.

How can a Statistics tutor from Varsity Tutors help you master Statistics?

Statistics is a complex branch of mathematics filled with new vocabulary and concepts like normal distribution, Z-scores, T-scores, standard deviations, unbiased sample variance, and so on. It can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you do not specialize in math and are simply encountering statistics via another discipline, such as research or business.

Varsity Tutors has capable statistics tutors throughout the country who can help bring the subject to life. Statistics tutoring can show you new angles and approaches to give you the inside track toward comprehending the meaning and practical power of this rich field. A customized statistics tutoring plan with your private tutor can ensure that you focus only on the material most pertinent to your field. Not in a class, but need to interpret research results? Working toward a five on the AP Statistics test? Varsity Tutors will match you with a tutor that fits your unique background and education goals to provide you the best statistics tutoring experience possible.

All of the sessions will be one-on-one, and at convenient times and places that work for you. Whether you're located inside the beltway in DC, in Maryland, or northern Virginia Varsity Tutors can provide in-person or online education to fit your needs. Call us now and we’ll get you situated with an expert tutor who will show you how to make progress in statistics.

Varsity Tutors offers statistics tutoring in Washington DC. We’ll help you learn statistics through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your own home or another location of your choice. We have brilliant math, advanced engineering, and graduate-level physics majors and other mathematically gifted people available to help you ace even the most difficult statistics course. Whether you’re taking AP Statistics or college-level statistics, we have brilliant tutors who can effectively communicate difficult concepts.

Contact a Varsity Tutors director today to discover how private statistics tutoring services in Washington DC can help you.

Whether you’re looking for help with specific statistics problems or struggling with the subject in general, an experienced statistics tutor from Varsity Tutors is here to teach you how to succeed. After talking with you about your concerns and learning goals, your tutor will quickly assess your proficiency with the material, identify your areas of confusion, and create a customized program designed to get you back on track.


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