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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We continued covering topics that will be tested on the student's exam next week. Topics covered included inverse functions, modeling functions, and graphing functions with asymptotes. We also worked on the student's homework which was due to the next morning. The student has a firm grasp on these subjects, but could use more practice on finding the asymptotes of functions; we will work more on this over the weekend.

The student received an 88 on her test this week. A tremendous improvement from the grades she had been receiving prior to the start of tutoring!!

Today, we reviewed all of the pre-calculus topics her teacher had covered up until now, in preparation for her unit test. The majority of the material involved complex functions, inverse functions, and nominal/effective interest rates.

Reviewed questions on the subject of asymptotes and holes in rational functions. I found some more small mistakes not related to being confused on the subjects, so I gave a few more pointers on how to verify the answers to questions once completed, such as graphing the functions in apps or marking points individually when drawing curves. I also went over an assignment involving the inverse of functions.

Covered topics on rate of change, using equation for rate of change, and establishing points over which to find the average rate of change. Discussed connection between rate of change and slope, and derivatives. Most problems involved graphical interpretations of functions and we used those to solve problems. Also covered how multiplying, dividing, addition, and subtraction within functions changes how the graph looks.

The student and I spent most of our time today going over graphing equations again. This time we spent more time working with asymptotes and how they behave on a graph. She was still having a little trouble with this topic, but this is expected since when we started last weekend she knew almost nothing on it. She seems to understand everything that her class went over this week, and if that happens again we will be going over future subjects in the future.

The student and I worked on solving logarithmic, and exponential equations. She was ready for the session and had questions as soon as I walked in. I explained to him the general procedure of solving these equations, and then walked him through a few examples after which he was able to solve the rest of the problems on his own. We finished the rest of his assignment together, and I felt that he became much more comfortable with the material after the session.

This afternoon, I helped the student review for her chapter 2 test. We went over the different methods to find real, rational, and imaginary zeros to polynomials, as well as concepts and tricks to find zeros, such as knowing that the complex conjugate is also a zero and multiplying complex conjugates and using that product as a divisor for polynomial long division.

Summary of what material has been covered in class up to this point:

Reviewed the unit circle:
-30/60/90 triangle & 45/45 triangle
*review on Pythagorean theorem
-x-component & y-component
-introduction to Sinx,Cosx, & Tanx via SOH CAH TOA
*derived Tanx from Sinx & Cosx
-how to recognize sinx & cosx on the unit circle
-how to use x & y components to solve for sinx, cosx & tanx
-using quadrants to identify if the value will be + or -
-5 minutes review of the session's material

Topics Covered:
- Logarithmic Functions: Graphing and interpreting
- Changing base between Natural Log and Common Log (base 10)
- Solving logarithmic equations without a calculator
- Simplifying log/algebraic expressions
Progress Achieved:
- Completed homework for Section 3.3
- Reviewed/Clarified graphing log/exponential functions
- Introduced learning/teaching styles between the student and Myself

We started off the session by reviewing what we went over last week, finding a linear equation from given function equations. We also went over finding the vertex of quadratic equations. He asked to review this. I encourage this in our sessions so that he would understand the subject matter instead of just moving on. We even went over today's homework, which it appears that he already completed and really didn't have many questions. On our next session, he are planning on going over his Physics Test that he took recently.

The student and I reviewed her most recent quiz which she did very well on. She also had a math project due this week for which I helped her work on her slides. The project was dealing with functions, specifically linear and polynomial. We used an online website to graph the function and find it's zeros and intercepts.

Student A- She and I went over her pre-cal test review, Law of sines and cosines plus inverse trigonometric functions. She is going to start trig ID's next week which should be fun. We also worked through a brief preview of forces and how forces can act on an object.
Student B- We spent our time working through word problems that lead to making multiple equations you must solve to get various intervals. He seemed fairly confident in his ability to do them by the time we were finished.

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