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We require the most rigorous qualifications of our Math tutors, in addition to a background check.


We deliver personally tailored lessons from exceptional Math tutors in a one-on-one setting.


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Math Tutoring in Washington DC

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Varsity Tutors offers Math tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in Washington DC. We'll help you learn Math through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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We have certified tutors near you ideally qualified to help you with Math. Our tutors hail from colleges like MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and additional high-caliber institutions.



Undergraduate Degree:
Rice University - Mathematical Economic Analysis



Undergraduate Degree:
Old Dominion University - Civil Engineering

Graduate Degree:
George Washington University - Structural Engineering



Undergraduate Degree:
University Of Oregon - Mathematics

How we help you master: Math


Your personal learning style and needs will be assessed by our educational director to ensure your key goals are met in Math.


Your tutor will pinpoint the areas in which you excel in Math and the areas that require extra attention.


We will create a unique curriculum that will help you master your objectives.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I worked on reading comprehension homework. He did much better this week in answering his questions with complete sentences. Also, we did a math worksheet on counting with coins. The student knows all the different coins and their values well and was able, for the most part, to calculate total amounts when giving several coins. He did have a little bit of trouble with tens and fives when combined, though.

The student and I worked on her math and reading homework from school and then went over flashcards. We created a game where we spilt the flashcards in half and I took one pile and she took the other -- she quizzed me and I modeled the correct way to answer and think aloud, and then I quizzed her in return. She loved the game, and towards the end I would offer her "my cards" as a reward if she would answer for me.   We also read several sight words books, and she read me Cat in the Hat.

1. Reviewed characteristics of chemical reactions in order to help the student conceptualize the differences between physical and chemical changes. 2. Covered the Law of Conservation of Energy in context of chemical reactions. 3. Explicitly outlined the steps and process of balancing chemical equations and gave him practice problems on the topics covered. He made considerable progress in his understanding of the topics and calculations. He seems prepared to go on to other related concepts, such as differentiating between various classes of chemical reactions and balancing net-ionic equations.

How can a Varsity Tutors tutor assist you in conquering Math?

Math can be a terribly difficult subject, especially since every concept seems to be crucial to understanding some more advanced one. If you’re finding your math classes to be particularly difficult and could use some expert guidance, you can benefit from one-on-one tutoring from one of Varsity Tutors’ experienced math tutors across the District of Columbia, northern Virginia, and Maryland.

Math tutoring with one of our tutors is successful because they are not only math experts, but also they are well-practiced at explaining even the most complicated mathematical concepts and equations in ways that make sense. We can match you to a math tutor who meets your needs, and this tutor can come to your home or another location that is convenient for you, whenever it best suits your schedule, for customized math tutoring sessions. Our math tutors make sure that their math tutoring sessions are as efficient as possible by tailoring the concepts they address to your specific needs. For example, if your tutor is helping you with trigonometry, and you want to spend an entire math tutoring session making sense of special right triangles, even though  you completely understand the differences between sine, cosine, and tangent, you can do so! Call us today to start making sense of math with the help of Varsity Tutors in the DC metro area.

A solid foundation in math increases academic and career success. Having math skills has become the differentiator in today’s workforce. In addition, emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education means that your student will be prepared to problem solve, analyze complex data, and build theoretical models. Those who can do mathematics will have better opportunities for shaping their own futures.

Varsity Tutors offers everything from Kindergarten Math to Advanced Calculus tutoring. Our tutors are carefully selected to ensure the highest instructional quality, as well as a nuturing environment. Contact us today to find out more about our private math tutoring services.

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