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Graduate Degree:
Saint Vincent Seminary - Philosophy / Theology

Undergraduate Degree:
Saint Vincent College - Computer Science (Bs); Catholic Theology (Ba); Minor: Mathematics

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Undergraduate Degree:
Yale University - Political Science

Graduate Degree:
Georgetown University - Latin American Studies

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Undergraduate Degree:
Nova - Linguistics

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Your personal learning style and needs will be assessed by our educational director to ensure your key Latin goals are met.


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1:1 Latin tutoring is specifically designed to help you meet and surpass your goals.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

This session, we worked on preparing for the student's upcoming exam, which will be translating an excerpt of a prepared passage. He has been working on his own on memorizing the English translation of the passage, but I wanted him to work on developing more of an understanding of the Latin itself, so he won't be stuck if he forgets what he's memorized, and can instead build from what the text itself says. So, with a clean copy of the passage, we worked through the sentences, and I picked up on the various smaller function words that he often left out in his translation, trying to make sure he doesn't ignore things like adverbs, conjunctions, and relative pronouns. After we went through the whole passage, doing spot coverage of some grammatical principles, we went back over a couple of the paragraphs again. By the end he was doing much better, and I hope noticing all of the words on the page rather than focusing internally on the translation he has memorized.

In our session, I introduced the Latin words for household items like table, chairs, couch, etc. We reviewed the household item flashcards I brought and the boy student enjoyed looking at the Spanish as well as the Latin since both were listed on this set of flashcards. He and I talked about the similarities between Latin and Spanish (e.g. la mesa and Mensa, -ae, f. "table") and I explained that Spanish is derived from Latin so it is not surprising that these languages are so similar to each other. Then each child made their own set of flashcards, drawing a picture of a household item and writing the corresponding Latin word on the front of each card. I instructed them to take these flashcards and post them on items around their house. This is a great way to learn the Latin and get in some everyday practice. The girl student said this exercise was "very fun" and told me all about the different items she was going to label with the flashcards.

Reviewed grammar for test with a focus on translation, ablative absolutes, active/passive voice, and relative pronouns. Next session Tuesday at 6pm PT.

Reviewed for upcoming quiz on neuter 3rd declension i-stem nouns; worked on declining noun-adjective pairs, often with the noun and adjective coming from different declensions.

We reviewed translating the homework passage, going over neuter nouns, demonstrative pronouns, personal pronouns, prepositional phrases, relative and interrogative pronouns.

We have covered a substantial amount of material - the perfect passive participle and the passive system for all indicative verb tenses. I hope that my notes about the perfect passive participle were helpful and answered your questions. Your attention to detail when translating the chapter passages has not gone unnoticed. Your Latin is incredibly sharp and your understanding of the grammar is excellent. As you start to wrap up this book, I will send an overarching grammar review sheet before you crack open the next book.

The student and I worked on answering sample questions. He is doing better, so I have high hopes for him. He needs to finish the questions before tomorrow's English tutoring session so we can quickly check them and I can give him a list of things to review before his test.

I assigned some passages of Cicero from a Latin reader that the student has. The student has a long way to go before she will be ready for her Latin PhD exam but may be ready by November if she works hard until then. I like the student and think she will be easier to work with than the middle schoolers.

We translated a section of Caesar's Gallic Wars and the student did very well. I was able to help him translate it as literally as possible.

Today the student did great with verbs (forming, recognizing, translating) and with reading, both in Latin and in English. Next week we will go over the workbook and continue our work on chapters 10-11, adding nouns. She also continue to practice her vocabulary.

We reviewed for a test, discussed how to decline and conjugate, and how to identify parts of speech.

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