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Undergraduate Degree:
Washington And Lee University - English And French

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Utah State University - History

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University Of Maryland, College Park - Library And Information Science

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College Of William And Mary - International Relations

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Mandarin - acquainted myself with the student, her interests regarding the language and her self evaluation of her personal learning style. Introduced the student to the 4 tones and explained how pinyin works. I shared some of the study methods that helped me as a beginner and some of the applications she may find useful (electronic dictionary, radio, etc) to supplement classroom activities.

The student and I had a great lesson today!  She didn't have any homework to do, so we had the opportunity to go a little slower through the material we had begun on Tuesday.  We slowly built up to complex transformations of trigonometric functions through amplitude, phase shifts, period compressions, vertical displacements, and reflections.  She did a great job and I think we made a lot of progress by the end of the lesson!

Today the student and I covered a host of material beginning with reviewing what I had assigned as homework our previous session. While the student claimed he was more a of a math guy, when we reviewed a reading section he had done, it was apparent he grasped the concepts well and had great excellent critical reading ability. After this we discussed vocabulary and breaking down parts of larger/unfamiliar words in order to find a part of a word that we may know. The student and I discussed math and concentrated especially on geometric principles, working through several practice problems involving special triangles and tricky circle calculations.

The student and I covered grammar basics and continued to work on his long creative story. We also played a writing Jeopardy game and he won a prize.

The student and I met for another session of GRE tutoring. In this session we first focused on standard deviation and rates. He did pretty well on standard deviation, so we finished up the session by going over reading comprehension and sentence completion.

We once more reviewed the problems that the student had in chapter 17 concerning multi-variable word problems. There is increasing traction, so I am only having him redo two specific problems. Likewise, he is to review any issues that he had in chapter 16 on single variable word problems. There were a few sentence equivalence questions that we discussed, though he had few major problems with this section. We discussed the argument and issue essays, and I assigned 3 issue and 2 argument prompts. He is to write outlines for his essays. We will discuss these next time. Next, we reviewed again the major aspects of triangle problems. His comprehension was much better now that we have done a lot of foundational work on the necessary algebra. I assigned chapter 27 to this end.

The student has improved his writing greatly. He's going to do great. Because we haven't talked much about the verbal section, we did a quick overview of some problems that troubled him and different strategies for that part of the test. Finally, we continued working on the hardest math problems. He still needs a bit of work with combinations and permutations, so we are going to tackle those on Friday. He's become much more proficient at the easy/medium problems, and he's also much more comfortable with graphs and data tables.

Vocabulary: Today we worked on looking for the commas, colons, and semi-colons that divide sentences into equivalent phrases. We used these cues to figure out synonyms, antonyms, etc. For analytical writing we learned how to figure out the argument the author is making (often the last sentence of the paragraph). Lastly we worked on basic arithmetic with fractions.

Continued to work with the student on verbal reasoning. I saw progress in her ability to complete the sentence completions and the synonyms.

The student and I began with extensive review of two components of the math section. We started with data analysis. We then moved on to geometry, and focused on triangles. We finished with a review of several reading passages. She has shown great progress in vocabulary and math skills since we began.

The student and I went over the fractions and decimals homework I had assigned. We went over an Arithmetic lesson (exponents, percents, etc.) and then spent the last hour going over sentence equivalence questions and strategy.

Today was the initial session for the student and I. We met up beforehand to discuss her goals in tutoring. She wants to focus mostly on math review, and just get guidance for self-study on the verbal section. Today we reviewed some basic algebra and probability concepts, and the quantitative comparisons section, as well as discussing the best way to review for the vocabulary.

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