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Undergraduate Degree:
The College Of New Jersey - Engineering Management

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Undergraduate Degree:
Hampton University - Economics

Graduate Degree:
Regent University - Finance

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Undergraduate Degree:
University Of South Carolina - Finance (Investments), Sport And Entertainment Management

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I worked on reading strategies - reading for trajectory and intent, whether in an essay or a narrative; taking a five-second break between each passage; identifying primary problem/argument and tracing the path the author takes toward accomplishing it; reading arrogantly; thoroughly understanding passage before moving on to questions. We then modified those reading strategies and applied them to science passages, since so much of the ACT science section involves knowing how to quickly find the most important information in the passage and draw appropriate conclusions from it. We also went over a practice math section the student had taken earlier in the week.

Today student made a 90 on his test dealing with matrices.   We also discussed a new topic today dealing with exponents and  their rules. Product rule, quotient rule, power rule, and zero rule. He did a great job today and we went over his homework today. Student does a great job listening and he also is a hard worker. We also worked on some tougher problems so I could make sure he stays ahead of the class. He did an awesome job today. Can't wait to see him on Monday.

Students 1 and 2 completed their writing project and read it aloud to the family. Student 3 and I read phonics sounds, three books, and then did a couple work book pages on beginning sounds and story inferences.

We covered the ACT as a whole as well as did practice problems for the Reading and English sections. We reviewed the Science briefly and will go over the Science in more depth on Thursday. We also reviewed a considerable amount of math concepts to get the student up to speed on her Math. She got every test question correct for the Reading and English portions so we are focusing more on strategy of timing for the test and the Math section. The student is also going to complete as many practice sections as she can so that we can review them and gauge how she will do.

Today we covered the first three sections of Chapter 4. The student is definitely starting to catch on to topics more quickly and doing problems more accurately. I feel like every time I see her she is more motivated. It's really encouraging to see how much better she's getting.

Pretty heavy homework day for the student.  We worked through his social studies packet on European exploration in the Americas, then went over his algebra homework, which he had already completed.  He's getting a much better handle for algebra, particularly the order of operations and the logic behind using variables.

The student completed her math homework on ordering and comparing numbers.  She fixed the incorrect ones with little assistance.  After math, we completed some of her language arts/reading homework dealing with words with the long a and I sounds and scanning/skimming passages.  We worked on her answering the questions in complete and coherent sentences as opposed to only writing certain keywords in the passage.  She did a good job with all her work.

The student continues to practice the "easy then hard" method. We went over strategies that will minimize the time it takes to answer questions that come easy to him so that he can have as much time as possible to work on the more difficult questions. Through repetition, he showed he is beginning to get the process down pat and not only that, but how the process differs somewhat for each of the sections. He is doing a remarkable job of giving his best effort given how long the sessions run and the nature of his learning disability. Keep it up.

The student and I focused on practicing the descriptive phrases that I had taught him the previous week: "I like vanilla ice cream," "I like football," etc. (all phrases that he could use to describe his own likes and dislikes). I also taught him how to say "Happy birthday" and "My birthday is..." because his birthday was coming up.

We discussed the format of the student's final and ways to effectively prepare for the exam.  I made suggestions for making flashcards to help memorize and understand terminology.  We looked at and discussed 2 of the 10 PowerPoints from the second half of the semester. Next time we will cover at least 4 more PowerPoints.  We also talked about what grade on the exam is needed for final grades.

We reviewed the student's homework from today and reviewed factoring trinomials. We continued reviewing for Matthew's midterm which will be taken Wednesday morning. Matthew has already started showing his work using neater, larger printing - and he noticed that is has been helping. We reviewed slope and slope intercept word problems For his time test, I told him that there was no time limit - and he improved from missing 5 to missing only 1. He got the point that slowing down helps.

The student and I worked on a review packet for his Chapter 1 tests that covered adjacent angles, complementary/supplementary angles, vertical angles and rays. We solved various variables given information about angles, triangles, parallelograms.

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