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My background over a decade + spans numerous human science disciplines with Biology and Anatomy/Physiology my primary subjects in which I provide tutoring to the public(high school/college) while also college courses under Nutrition and Kinesiology health sciences.

I try to make learning fun again for those who find conventional education methods to be less than desirable and have an "uncanny skill" of turning complex concepts into easily understood ideas!

I will walk with you, step by step, "showing" you how to develop new study skills, optimize memory retention, and application of the information overload constantly thrown at academic students daily since I can completely relate to what it feels like to be overwhelmed by juggling many courses, work, and life simultaneously.

My professional health and wellness background includes top certifications in Exercise(NASM), Sport/Exercise Nutrition(Precision Nutrition), and graduate Clinical Nutrition/Functional Medicine background/evidence-based disease research) which I view human health science being directly connected to real "behavior change." It's my passion to help others make change simple, doable fit seamlessly into their current way of life or lifestyle. Academics play a big role not only in our classrooms but out in our communities as well, which is honestly where "change" starts. I'm willing and motivated to invest my life into teaching/coaching as I believe it translates into a world that is more enjoyable place to live for us all.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Kaplan University-Davenport Campus - Bachelors, Health and Wellness

Graduate Degree:

 University of Bridgeport - Current Grad Student, Clinical Nutrition

College Application Essays

College Biology

High School Biology

High School English

High School Writing

IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Middle School Reading

Middle School Science

Middle School Writing