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What's My Problem??? Have you ever asked yourself this question? If so, you're not alone! Many of us at some point have struggled in academic areas that seem impossible to master- I know, because I've been that student once. For this reason, I am motivated to teach and tutor students who struggle with the confidence of mastering their toughest subjects! With a Bachelors in Biology from Spelman College and a Masters in Medical Science from Indiana University School of Medicine, I know what it is like to spend countless hours studying and dissecting material, especially in the Biological Sciences! So, I have committed to doing it all over again... For you! I love teaching the Biological Sciences because it explains a lot of what happens on Earth, and even why we behave the way we do as humans. I love to incorporate exciting things such as animal models, YouTube videos and even dance moves-because I'm a dancer- into my lessons, to assist in understanding concepts. I've even traveled to Spanish speaking countries to understand the Latin culture and language to compliment my goal of becoming a bilingual physician. I believe that the best teacher is the best student, and because of that, I will forever position myself to learn.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Spelman College - Bachelors, Biology

Graduate Degree:

 Indiana University School of Medicine - Masters, None

exercising; singing; dancing; biking; Spanish language; reading; swimming

Anatomy & Physiology

Cell Biology


CLEP Biology

CLEP Spanish

Conversational Spanish

Elementary School Science


High School Biology