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On the first midterm I took at UC Berkeley, I got a C-, so I've been there. I know how difficult it can be to move to a higher level of academic achievement, to learn proper study habits, to allocate enough time for homework, to ask for help when necessary. All of these things are much easier with help though, and I've spent a lot of time learning how to help students with these sorts of problems, as well as offer supplemental teaching in math and physics. I've spent three years tutoring and mentoring high school robotics teams from different backgrounds, teaching them all the extra physics, math, mechanical design, and programming they needed to win. One of the teams I mentored had placed dead last in the competition the year before and moved all the way up to second with my help. In the last two years of doing this I also taught a course to help other college students mentor high school students on the topics, so my foundation is rock solid.

I've also helped design a year long supplemental STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) course for local schools, and supervised the teaching at one of them. This course was designed for small groups and one on one tutoring. In addition to leading this course I also taught several other volunteers to teach in these small settings.
I've taught an astronomy course at the college level and held office hours to help individual students so I've got experience helping students with their homework and customizing explanations for individual students who are having trouble in class.

I've got a degree in physics and astrophysics, so I'm very familiar with physics at high school and introductory college levels, not to mention that I love it and I've learned all the fun anecdotes and examples that can make physics more fun for those who don't share my love. Physics and astronomy both require a strong background in math, so I can tutor in that as well, though I'll admit, I don't love it quite as much.

I've done well on quite a few standardized tests. In high school I got 6 5s and 3 4s on my APs, as well as a combined score of 2210 on my SAT and a 168 and 164 on my GREs. I know the strategies you need to prepare for standardized tests and a lot of the study habits and mindsets carry over from other areas of academics, so I know how to teach them well. Additionally, I'm currently studying for the LSAT, so I know what students are going through.

Tutoring is a passion of mine, I've done it for years as a volunteer and professional and I frequently annoy my younger sisters with my offers to help them on their homework (they don't like physics and just want to put in the minimum effort to get a passing grade, alas), so I really look forward to looking with any students who want my help.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of California-Berkeley - Bachelors, Physics and Astrophysics

I love playing guitar and riding my bike. I like to read fantasy books and I'm currently studying/saving up to go to law school.

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

College Physics

High School Physics

SAT Subject Tests Prep