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I have a mechanical engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University. While at Case Western, I gained invaluable experience working with small teams of engineers to achieve a common goal. Through this experience, I learned how to work with my peers and give tangible explanations to complex problems. I believe that the best way to teach someone is to first give them the chance to learn the concept in a stress free environment i.e. giving an individual plenty of time to fully understand what is being asked in a question, before going into the details about how to solve the problem. From my experience, a pressure free zone truly facilitates a better understanding of any concept .

Following my graduation from Case Western Reserve, I had the distinct opportunity to work with a small start-up company (Leo Technologies) based in Denver, Colorado starting in May of 2015. As the design and lead algorithm development engineer, I worked to create a biometric state-dependent detection algorithm for implementation within wearable technologies. My time working with a small, fast paced start-up company has given me invaluable experience independently troubleshooting problems in obscure areas with little documentation for reference. This exposure has instilled a self-motivating drive in my work ethic, especially in areas I have yet to master.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Case Western Reserve University - Bachelors, Mechanical engineering

Fly-Fishing • Snowboarding • Backpacking • Soccer • Modeling in SolidWorks • 3D Printing/Prototyping • Astronomy • Physical Cosmology • Orbital Mechanics • Astronautics • Amateur Design of Drones



Statics and Dynamics