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I love helping others understand something new. With over 800 hours experience in teaching and a research background in test design and organizational psychology, I know that students don't all learn the same way. It's my goal to work together with my clients to solve problems, using the method that best fits them.

I began tutoring as a college student at DePaul University. During the summer and winter holidays I would tutor neighborhood kids who struggled with reading, and I quickly came to enjoy it. There's something awesome about seeing a young face change expressions from confusion to comprehension. I knew I loved helping people get to that point, so when I started grad school at Rice University, I also began working for a top education group. Over two years I became the in-house expert on test prep, including the group's summer boot camp courses. After I left grad school, I taught English to high school students in a public school in central China, while also creating material for a college-focused education group, based in Shanghai.

I've learned to use a lot of the research I've seen in grad school, particularly research about learning, retention, and test strategy. In psychology, we know that people learn in different ways. Pairing up a student of a particular learning style with an instructor that thinks in the opposite style can be disastrous for the student's development. Because of this, I strive to find the student's individual style, and use my experience and research-based knowledge to develop a teaching style that fits each individual student I work with. After several years in education, I still love to see a student's face change from confusion to comprehension, I've just become a lot more efficient in reaching that point!

Undergraduate Degree:

 DePaul University - Bachelors, Organizational Psychology

Graduate Degree:

 Rice University - PhD, Organizational Psychology

ACT Composite: 31

ACT English: 34

ACT Math: 31

ACT Reading: 31

ACT Science: 29

GRE: 161

GRE Quantitative: 161

GRE Verbal: 161

Music, literature, green energy, frisbee