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Tutoring has been an extremely prominent aspect in my life since before I realized I was actually "tutoring". As the older sibling and the oldest of all my cousins, I was the go-to homework hotline whenever any family member younger than me needed academic assistance. It was always gratifying to see that I was a positive impact and a positive role model for my younger cousins. I mastered the art of patience and explaining. I have always loved to talk and I realized that talking things over casually was always an effective method.
Fast forward to high school, I found myself doing the same thing. I continued to help my cousins with their homework and maintained the status as their aid. Additionally, I stayed after school to help my fellow classmates understand concepts that they didn't quite during class. This trend continued throughout college. I found myself flourishing when I helped other friends and classmate study for a test or write an A worthy essay. I found that tutoring others also reinforced my understanding of the topic.
And now, years later, after graduating from UCLA, I realize how fulfilling tutoring can be. I take personal enjoyment when the person that I am helping succeeds through my help. My expertise ranges from all age types to all subject types, particularly essay writing and preparation for standardized testing. I believe that essay writing is a creative and personal process and I enjoy tapping in to the creativity of each student, particularly because essay writing can be an intimidating topic. My method of verbal brainstorming helps build confidence in each student an will enable them to critically think and develop ideas on their own. Also, their practice of creatively critically thinking will also help them solve problems of other subjects with less difficulty.
Similarly, while standardized testing is often a topic of stress my approach of thinking creatively will help the students approach test problems with ease. This with the combination of practice problems will help them conquer any standardized test.
I am extremely personable and I thoroughly enjoy building personal relationships with each and every single person that I tutor.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of California-Los Angeles - Bachelors, English

SAT Composite: 2150

SAT Math: 710

SAT Verbal: 700

SAT Writing: 740

Makeup! I have been a freelance makeup artist for 4 years and am thorougly enoying it! I also love swimming, tennis, and reading. I usually unwind from a long day with YouTube videos or catching up on he Vampire Diaries.