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I am currently teaching AP Computer Science to high school students. My students have passed their AP tests with 5 point scores in 2015- 2016. I have been teaching for many years. I teach Math Abacus to k through 7th grade students at a learning center. I love to see my students succeed in their grades. I try to customize my teaching approach for different grade levels. It is a learning experience for me whenever I teach to my students. Usually I explore the concepts for a decent number of times until the students are comfortable doing the lessons independently. The peer pressure and a fierce competitive environment are the factors that sometimes kids cannot learn a subject in a given time period in school. I am flexible in my teaching and can make changes accordingly to promote a unique learning experience.

Before I worked in the field of Software Engineering, I used to teach at an elementary school and at a college in India and so I think I have some idea about how different teaching styles can be an effective tool for kids with different potentials. In my experience, learning math and science can be sometimes overwhelming for some kids but working on one concept at a time would make the transition much easier.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Gujarat University - Bachelors, Mathematics

Graduate Degree:

 Wayne State University - Masters, Computer Science

When I get a chance, I like to explore new subjects .

AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science A


College Computer Science

High School Computer Science


Technology and Computer Science