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I believe that learning is an activity in which we partake every day. While the scale and complexity of learning is constantly changing, we can discern new and interesting ways to navigate the world around us. It is my goal to offer academic tutoring that not only values individual students' wealth of knowledge, but also helps learners to engage with and discover the larger world community. Building on student strengths and effectively planning for student engagement are the bedrocks of my practice. A enthusiastic learning environment is a key factor in my teaching philosophy. Let's do some learning!

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Colorado State University. In 2014 I completed my teacher education program through the University of Colorado Denver with a 4.0 GPA. I love reading, discussing, and interpreting literature. Understanding of the arts can connect us to humanity and us to grow as members of society. I also to the freedom and creativity allowed in writing. It is here that I can help students excel in communicating their unique ideas to others.

As a native of Colorado I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and the wonderful people of this great state. I love reading novels in my spare time in addition to going to movies, concerts and the theater. Yoga is also an important part of my life. As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I have learned that balance is important, as is a deep breath. Life ebbs and flows, so sometimes we just have to ride the waves.

I look forward to working with students who are unique, inquisitive, and ready to take on the world. I believe that with a positive attitude and hard work, any goal can be met. Sometimes we have to ask for help, but as a team there's nowhere we can't go and nothing we can't endure.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Colorado State University-Fort Collins - Bachelors, Creative Writing

Graduate Degree:

 University of Colorado Denver - Current Grad Student, Secondary Education

Travel, Reading, Yoga, Concerts, Music, Movies, Theater

College English

College Level American History

Comparative Literature

Creative Writing

High School English

High School Level American History